Light Plus is an engineered panel designed to be the finished surface for docks, decks, and walkways. Its anti-slip, water / UV resistance, and low-maintenance, make it ideal for virtually any outdoor surface.

Traditional wood wears smooth, and can becoming slippery when wet. It can rot, suffer attack by marine organisms and may support the growth of algae. Walkway planks can sag and warp unevenly, creating a hazard and potential accident. Even expensive hardwood walkways are subject to these problems and will need constant maintenance and replacing periodically.




Light Plus decking is made up of panels rather than the usual planks. Panels are molded from standard polyester resin, with ultraviolet (UV) resistant additives. 

         These materials are highly durable and will last a lifetime.

         They are unaffected by salt or fresh water, acids and fuel.

         The panels have a balanced slip resistant pattern of perforations, through which sunlight can pass, helping to keep vegetation alive beneath the dock, minimizing the effects of your dock on the environment.

         The perforations also help minimize the effect on your dock from wave and storm surge.

         They allow water and other liquids to drain through, keeping the walking surface clean. 

         Safe for barefoot walking, unlike wood which can splinter

         Weighs less than other decking materials which makes it more manageable when assembling your dock.

         Impact resistance is high and the material can deflect repeatedly without deforming permanently.